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How to use Explore

The Explore screen makes it easy to find things to read and listen to.

Using the buttons at the top of the screen you can view all of our articles by clicking All Articles - or just those at a particular reading level - e.g. by clicking on Elementary

The rest of the screen is divided into collections of up 5 titles that you can scroll across the screen:

  1. My Library - everything you read is added to your library and you can see the 5 titles you read most recently here
  2. Similar To - this displays titles that are related to the one you read most recently
  3. At your reading level - if you've chosen a reading level this  will display 5 titles at that level
  4. View all - this displays 5 different titles each time you access Explore

You view everything in a collection by clicking on its name or view more.

Choosing something to read and listen to

When you see something you like, click  for a summary...

...then  to view it all.

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Last updated on 05/09/2018

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